Mary Egler
  • Is Mary Egler Democrat or Republican? Democrat
  • Hometown: Leesburg, Georgia, United States
  • Occupation: Car Mechanic, Health and Political Science Student
  • Who is Mary Egler’s direct competition for the nomination/position? Jim Quinn and Carden Summers from Republican Party

Mary Egler is a Multi Role Great Grandma

Mary Egler is Democrat candidate from District 13 and a multi role great grandma.

She is a mother, grand mother and a great mother.

She is perusing two bachelors degrees from Albany State University, one in health & human performance and other in political science.

Mary Egler has mechanical ability and she is a car Car mechanic.

She has worked as a receptionist, medical records, outreach, case management, driver for a doctors office.

A substitute teacher for over 12 years and a school bus driver.

As a young child she had worked in the farm helping her mother. When she grew up she drove tractors, harrowed fields, milked cows and delivered calves.

When we asked Mary whats important to her she said this:

“One of the best feelings I have had was watching a child that I had worked with standing in line waiting to walk across the stage to receive her diploma. And she sees me and signs I love you. That makes all the hard work worth everything you put into it. “

She is a very hard working lady with knowledge of industrial, retail, medical, education, and farm life.

Mary Egler’s Political Policies

Mary is being living in Leesburg since 1974 so she knows the district very well. She has no prior political office holding experience.

She has contested for Lee County Commission once.

Her policies will focus on infrastructure because it helps health, education, law enforcement, and create jobs. Being a Democrat her policies will also focus on gun control, education and abortion.

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