Marsha Blackburn

Who is Marsha Blackburn?

Age: 67 years old (born on 6th June 1952)

Husband: Charles Blackburn (married since 1974)

Salary: $174,000 per year

Hometown: Brentwood, Tennessee

Political Party: Republican Party / Conservative

Political Office Holded:

  • United States Senator assumed office in Jan 2019
  • Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Tennessee’s 7th district from 2003 until 2019
  • Member of the Tennessee Senate from the 23rd district from 1999 until 2003
  • Chair of the Williamson County Republican Party from 1989 until 1991

Marsha Blackburn is a Republican U.S. Senate from Tennessee. She assumed the office in Jan 2019 and her term will end in 2025.

She won the election in November 2018 and she is the first women senate from Tennessee.

She is a hardcore conservative christian and close friends with Mike Pence since many years.

Blackburn completed her college on scholarship and started working when she was just 16 at a dress shop.


Marsha Blackburn is married to Charles Blackburn for last 42 years.

Marsha Blackburn with Husband Charles Blackburn and Grandson
Marsha Blackburn with Husband Charles Blackburn and Grandson

They have two children and two grand children. Son named Chad Blackburn and daughter named Mary Morgan Ketchel.

Policy Positions & Office Holdings

Office Holden by Marsha Blackburn

Prior to becoming senator Marsha Blackburn was U.S. House of Representatives from the 7th Congressional District of Tennessee from 2003 until 2019.

She also served as a state senate of District 23 of the Tennessee from 1999 until 2003.

Marsha Blackburn’s Policy Positions

She is pro-life and against abortion.

Supports gun rights.

Supports Trump’s border wall to stop illegal immigration.

Supports immigration ban proposed and implemented by Trump.

Marsha Blackburn with Donald Trump

Supports tax cut implemented by Trump.

She will fight to reduce wasteful spendings.

She will fight for veterans right for healthcare and housing.

Money raised by Marsha Blackburn’s Campaign?

In her entire political career Marsha Blackburn has raised $27 million. A total of $14 million was raised alone in 2018 when she was running for Senate.

Bill Gates met Marsha Blackburn in her Senate Office

She received most of her campaign funds from retired, health professionals, fellow republican and conservatives, and real estate business people.

Out of total $27 million raised she has spent $25 million on campaign.

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