Debbie Meadows with Husband Mark Meadows and Children

Debbie Meadows is the wife of Mark Meadows U.S. representative for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district. He is the chief of staff of White House appointed by President Donald Trump.

Debbie and Mark got married in 1979 and have two children together.


Full Real Birth NameDebbie Meadows
HusbandMark Meadows (m. 1979)
SonBlake Meadows
DaughterHaley Meadows
Age60 Years old
Date of Birth (DOB)1959
BirthplaceTampa Bay, Florida
Current ResidenceTransylvania County, North Carolina

Debbie and Mark Meadows Love Story

Debbie and Mark studied in the same high school.

Mark was a ‘fat nerd kid’ as explained by himself. He once proposed one girl who rejected him saying she simply didn’t like him.

After the rejection, he went home and stood in front of the mirror and decided to lose weight. The same day he ran 4 miles and within a few months, he lost the extra weight.

This time he approached Debbie and she couldn’t recognizer him after he lost weight. Eventually, they started dating in high school.

After high school as both of them were going to different universities for further studies they broke up. But soon after a year they again got together and started dating.

Post university degrees they got married in 1979.


Debbie and Mark are happily married for the last 41 years. They have two children, a son, and a daughter.

Debbie’s son Blake Meadows graduated in Law from Emory University School of Law in 2017. Prior to that in 2014, he completed his Bachelor of Arts in American Politics and Policy from Patrick Henry College. He currently works as an attorney at Foster, Foster, & Smith, LLC.

Debbie’s daughter Haley Meadows graduated from Lee University in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management in 2015.

Haley worked as an intern for her father’s Senate office in 2013 for 8 months.

Currently, she is working at Aon Financial Service as an Executive Benefits Consultant.

Debbie and Mark are grandparents to one granddaughter Autumn.

The family is actively involved in the church’s cause including educating children on Sunday.


After their wedding, they came to Western North Carolina for a honeymoon. They fell in love with the mountaineer region and decided to move here.

Soon they moved to Transylvania County, North Carolina and started their sandwich shop called Aunt D’s Place in the Sylva region of the county.

While running the business Mark applied for his real estate license.

Debbie and Mark operated the business for 3 years and then sold it.

Mark moved into the real estate business full time.


Debbie Meadows is accused of helping her friend Lynda Bennett for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District.

Mark endorsed only female candidate Lynda from the long list of Republican primary candidates.

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  1. Im trying to reach mark, its time to get rid of Dr. Fauci, he is a complete nuisance. This country needs to open, its more detrimental that this economy starts back to some normallcy, than the coronavirus. Mark, please its so important that we protect Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and all of asia from communist China. Keep up the good job, you guys are right, we will prevail!!

    1. Have you had a loved one, a friend, someone you work with or have worked with who has died from the coronavirus? My family has experienced this tragedy several times. Wake up!! Study the science for a change!! Dr. Fauci is the authority on this crisis we continue to face each day.

  2. Well it’s June 25 now and we see your idiot idea of ” we need to open the country” has caused thousands of deaths, for what? A better economy? 26 states are spiking which means the 10 week lockdown in first qtr. 2020 was a waste to elk ate the virus, the upside is it saved lives , which I understand you could not care less about. I would say ” get a life” but I understand that means absolutely nothing to you! C’ on man!

    1. Well, it’s July 20 and we’re seeing how the statistics have been falsified. The true death toll has continued to decline. Now tell me, who’s the idiot?

  3. Mark,
    Do a service to your country, grow some nuts, and tell the lunatic to step down. I refuse to believe you’re as immoral and intellectually challenged as he is. Putin puts bounty’s on our soldiers heads, and you do nothing? I gave my country 31 years of military service, you can understand it’s difficult serving a guy with bunions that is clearly in cognitive decline. For your country and family, RECOMMEND to him to step down.

  4. Amen. This country cannot accept the ‘bloated orange yam’ any longer.
    Whats he has done , and is still doing, has been s total disaster.
    Valuable time has been wasted.

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