Philadelphia Crime 2 Teens Shot

On Friday night (Sep 4, 2020) at around 8:45 pm two teens were shot in Philadelphia’s West Powelton Neighborhood.

Police said two teens, a 16-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl were sitting on the car and they heard gun shots. As soon as they heard the shots they ran and soon realized they have been shots on their thigh.

Both the victims sustained injuries in their right thigh and their condition is said to be stable in the hospital.

Police has filed a case and looking out for the shooters in the area, not arrest is been made till now.

Local community members are accusing city mayor and political party ruling it for the rise in the crime in the city. One local named Bob Hall commented, “Just another day in a democratic controlled city.”

While another named Michele Scanlon Ippoliti wrote, “When will the Democrats in Philly figure it out? Never. It’s sad. So many lives lost.”

Another one named Ruslan Khudyakov shared a graph showing rise in crime since Democrats came to power in the city.