Isabella Cortes

13-year-old Isabella Cortes was killed in Carjacking in Pico Rivera on Sunday afternoon. Suspect is 27-year-old name Jose Aguilar

The deadly incident happened at Whittier Blvd on Sunday afternoon when Cortes family van was parked outside La Mano Tortilleria restaurant in Pico Rivera, CA. Mom and dad were inside while their four children were waiting in their van.

That is when 27-year-old Jose Aguilar jumped in, Isabella’s 18-year-old sister and 11-year-old brother managed to get out but the two other children were still inside the van as Aguilar allegedly drove away.

Isabella and her 8-year-old brother were thrown away or jumped out of the car when the car was at 55 miles per hour speed. While the 8-year-old boy suffered major injuries while Isabella died on the scene.

Detectives say, Aguilar, got in a crash down the street and then tried to carjack another car a few miles away that time the second family was at the fruit stand fortunately here the dad jumped in the car and choked Aguilar out and the fruit guy helped him get Aguilar out of the car.

Even though Aguilar has been arrested, Isabella’s parents now have to tend to her injured brothers and sister.

Detective say Aguilar was recently arrested and released on felony possession of a dagger and vandalism, with zero bail and he was also on probation for other charges.

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